Sinouj is an Afromediterranean project that, through a contemporary jazz approach, bases its music on the diverse traditions of Mediterranean and Oriental music combined with West African music, rock, funk and electronic MUSIC. The group’s sound is marked by its unique combination of Eastern modes, rhythms and sounds (Arab violin, Persian ney) with contemporary jazz harmony and instrumentation.

This open vision towards music allows musicians from very different styles TO integrate their music into Sinouj’s: flamenco (Jorge Pardo, El Guadiana) Iranian music (Kaveh Sarvarian) soul music (Alana Sinkëy) or contemporary jazz (Ariel Bringuez) musicians participate in Sinouj’s music.

Sinouj’s richness and originality is based on the diversity of backgrounds (Spain-Tuni­sia-Nigeria-Italy), both geographical and musical, of the group members: PABLO HERNÁNDEZ, alto sax – Spain, Leader and main composer. LARBI SASSI, violin – Tunisia, considered one of the best specialists in oriental music from the Maghreb. AKIN ONASANYA, Drums / Rhythm instruments – Nigeria, one of the most popular drummers in the jazz, funk and soul scene in Madrid. SERGIO SALVI, Keyboard and musical arrangements – Italy, brings a touch of balance and modernity to the group, thanks to his inge­nious use of acoustic and electronic sounds. JAVIER GERAS, bass player – Spain, one of the most popular bass players in Spain.